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Please find below a selection of clients whom we have undertaken work for.

Red and Royal (London) - e-Commerce Solution:

A wholesale fashion house who approached us, after having a bad experience with another website agency, to create them with a e-commerce solution. The aim being to provide a solution  to attract new customers and entice their existing customers to buy their products online from RedandRoyal.

RedandRoyal have now been operational for over a year and have gained new customers from an e-commerce website which both reflects their products and also provides an online presence worthy of this exquisite and sophisticated clothing range.

For a reference on our sevice to RedandRoyal contact Anjan at sales@redandroyal.com

Manzil Restaurant and Banqueting Hall - Social Media Solution: 

Manzil is a very beautiful venue for a restaurant / banqueting event. 

The issue Manzil were facing was that although their banqueting hall was performing well because of word of mouth connections, they were really struggling to get in customers to their restaurant, in particular on Monday and Tuesday nights. The approched us after attempting a social media campaign themselves. After a year they had only a handful of Facebook 'Likes' from just just a few erratic posts.

After a consultation process we set about organising a social media campaign with strong emphasis on a Facebook presence. Within months they started getting regular Facebook 'Likes', interactions with their customers and more importantly booking inquiries. They now have a connections base of nearly 4,000 (this rivals and beats the Facebook presence of some of the much longer established local restaurants / banqueting halls) but more importantly the have a regualr flow of customers coming to dine on Mondays and Tuesdays. On average any post that we publish will get in excess of a 1000 views and a lot of interaction, some far exceeding this number.

This obviously has had a knock on effect which has provided the management confidence to look at other aspects of social media.

For a reference on our sevice to Manzil contact M Amir Salim at info@mymanzil.co.uk

Interactive Video Innovations - Video production services: 

Interactive Video Innovations produce state of the art video interactivity for informational and e-commerce.

They approached us to assist in creating a promotional video of their seervices.

The project was to take 'snippets' from a range of interactive videos that they had created and to make them one promotional video highlighting the best features from each video.

Mia and Adazae were tasked to produce the video after thorough consultative processes. The combination of a smooth soothing voice from Mia to the American accented voice of Adazae product a 'voiced over' video of superb quality.

For a reference on our sevice to IVI contact Dave Johnson at dave.johnson@ivitv.co



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Please find below a selection of clients whom we have undertaken work for.